Comprehensive Child Support Program

The Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma is located in Miami, Oklahoma in the northeastern corner of the state. It's mission and vision is to provide quality services to its tribal members as well as other Native Americans. 

In 1973, prior to the tribe receiving federal recognition, Bill G. Follis became the tribal chairman, and was elected Chief in 1978 when the tribe received federal recognition. Under his leadership the tribe has developed programs that focus on the needs of its children and elders. His vision continues today as he leads the tribe to establish programs that strengthen families and ensure that parents provide for the needs of their children. 

The Tribal Council is elected by the tribal members and consists of Chief Bill Follis, Judy Cobb, Second Chief, Phil Follis, 1st Councilman, Theodore McCullum 2nd Councilman, and Ramona Rosiere, Secretary/Treasurer. 

The child support program is administered by the IV-D Director, Kent Walden, who reports directly to the Chief. 

The focus of the program will be to ensure that every child receives the full benefit of the child support program who resides within the jurisdiction of the Modoc Tribe. Program staffs are committed to ensure that children receive their mandated child support in a timely manner, establish paternity for minor children, establish and modify child support orders. 

In addition to providing services to Indian children residing in Ottawa country, the Modoc tribe has formed a child support consortium of tribes to provide child support services to Native American children residing within those tribes jurisdictions.

Through its partnership with the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, State CSE partners and the various Tribes; the Modoc Tribe will work with tribal and state court to ensure that non-custodial parents are held accountable to their children.