Paternity and Child
Support Establishment

Paternity means fatherhood. Establishing paternity refers to the legal identification of the father of a child. Only the two biological parents may establish paternity for a child. Unmarried parents must establish paternity in order for the father to be recognized under the law as a legal parent. By legally establishing paternity, the child becomes entitled to all of the same benefits as a child born to married parents. TCSS will assist parents in the establishment of paternity through CFR and Tribal courts within the jurisdictional boundaries of our program. DNA testing is provided at a reduced or no cost to the parties of a paternity action. We have certified and trained child support specialist readily available to conduct DNA testing.

Establishing paternity can benefit the child (ren) by (1) establishing a legal record of the identity of his or her parents (2) Father's name on the birth certificate (3) Rights of Inheritance (4) Informational support from both parents (5) Information about the father's family medical history (6) Entitlement to medical insurance, social security and veterans benefits but most importantly financial support from both parents!